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9th Annual Russian Myths Writers and Artists Festival


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All people need the basics of life - like food, warmth, shelter, and clothing. But material success alone can't fill the void from not having love, creative expression, and a higher purpose.  We can help you find your path to fun, growth, creativity, purpose, and a sense of community.


It helps them grow up happy, healthy and to enjoy the world around them.


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It is vital for their physical and emotional development and for their social learning

  • Herceg Novi

    Enjoy the historic beauty of Herceg Novi in old postcards.¬† On some cards it is called Castelnuovo, which is Italian…

  • Igalo

    For over 100 years, Igalo has been known for its healing mineral waters and mud, which draw people from around…

  • Budva

    Budva, located on the Adriatic Sea is one of the oldest towns in Montenegro, with archaeological evidence of its settlement…


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Russian Myths Literature and Art Festival testimonials

It's an excellent way to meet other authors and professionals in publishing from around the world. Not only do we have the opportunity to present our work, we go on great excursions--a private boat trip, a trip to Njegus and Cetinje, meeting Russian Embassy officials in Podgorica to celebrate Pushkin's birthday, and much more. This is the only literature and art festival supported by both Russian and Montenegrin officials, with 10 years of festivals!

Arsen Melitonyan   

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