Arsen, Kari, and Ico are three members of an active, creative family who enjoy traveling, art, history, charity projects, old postcards and much more. Arsen is a professor, artist, President of the Union of Postcard Collectors of Russia, and a published author and poet. He is the creator of the Soldiers of Victory project and Soldiers of Victory Facebook page, founded to celebrate and publicize information about the Allied participants in World War II. Kari enjoys arts and crafts, making art dolls and experimenting with various media, such as wet felting, needle felting, and PaperClay. Even Ico, their Russian Toy Terrier, has his own Facebook page "Ico Dog Art Critic."

Arsen is Russian and Kari is American - "If we can get along, maybe our governments should try it." 

Arsen's Art

Arsen's art can be found in collections around the world. He is proficient in acrylics, oils, watercolors, and graphics, producing a artworks in a variety of styles that seem to defy they were all created by the same person. As an architect, he can help you design your interior and complement it with his original artwork and rugs. 

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Arsen - Author and Poet 

Arsen is an acclaimed poet whose most recent book is dedicated to his first granddaughter, Yeva. Each of his poetry books has received accolades from a variety of critics, and his poems are often accompanied by his own illustrations. He has also written hundreds of magazine articles and a number of books on postcards, history, culture, art, and more.

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Arsen and Kari's postcards

Arsen began collecting postcards with his grandfather, as a teaching aid for memorizing the world capitals, which he still remembers - just quiz him, you'll see. Then he ultimately amassed what is likely the world's largest collection of old Moscow postcards, with over 10,000 examples. After he and Kari married, they started with Russian monarchy, then Russian types, and now Montenegrin postcards. 

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Kari's arts and crafts

Kari loves to experiment in a variety of media. She has won prizes at fairs in California for her cross stitch using her original designs. Her needle felt dolls have been exhibited at the Art of the Dolls international exhibition and featured in Doll Master magazine in Russia. Currently she is experimenting with Paperclay sculptures.

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Kari - Queen of the Cosmos

Kari is the self-dubbed Queen of the Cosmos, collecting items connected with on the Russian space program. She began with vintage New Year (Christmas) tree ornaments, later adding postcards, books, stamps, statuettes, pins, tins... She especially prizes space dog items. She has exhibited at the Moscow State Planetarium and the Gargarin Library (Moscow, Russia) and been interviewed on Russian national TV, in magazines and newspapers. 

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Ico - Dog Art Critic

Ico, a Russian Toy Terrier, also loves art and has his own Facebook page, Ico Dog Art Critic. Despite his miniature stature, Ico has a huge heart, is fearless, loves art and travel, and is infatuated large girls, especially Golden Labs and Huskies.  

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