Arsen Melitonyan

Prof. Arsen Melitonyan, PhD, (b. 1959, Moscow, Russia) is an artist, published author and poet, architect, professor emeritus of Cultural Sociology and analytics, collector, Honored President of the Union of Postcard Collectors of Russia, founder of the Soldiers of Victory project and Soldiers of Victory Facebook page to celebrate and publicize Allied participants in World War II, manager of socio-cultural projects, event organizer, historian, and public figure. He is frequently interviewed on local and national TV and radio stations, and national journals and magazines on a wide variety of topics and often moderates high-level conferences and Round Tables. 


Personal and joint art exhibitions:

His artwork has been critically described as "truly the synthesis of architectural graphics, conceptualism, and romantic lyric poetry. They possess the experience and finesse of the perception of peace."

"Montenegro Images" (Tver's Philharmonia, Tver, Russia, 2014), "Name of Eve" (Phoenix Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2014), "Gravity" (Phoenix Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2014), "Inter-Art. Arsen Melitonyan - Artist, Cultural Sociologist, Producer" (Russian State Art Library), Moscow, Russia, 2010), I Am Still Here" (Tretyakov Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2009), "Black & White" (Gallery 21st Century, Moscow, Russia, 2006), "Letter 'A'" (Phoenix Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 1999), "Alternatives" (Salyanka Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 1994), "Moscow. Visalis (Oak Tree Gallery, Visalia, California, USA, 1991)  

A few art projects, Round Tables, Speeches organized, managed, and presented: 

1991-present: Numerous lectures and round tables on cultural issues & management, collecting, and art, at domestic and international locations, including: "Inter-Art Dialogue in the Development of Civilization", "Art Management: Specifics of Business" (various locations, Russia); "Art in Russia Today" and "Art as a Window to the Soul" (Visalia, California, USA); "Contemporary Russian Art as Activism" (San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA).

2008-present: "Russian Myths International Festival for Authors and Artists" (Djenovici, Montenegro).

2004-2005: "The Wisdom of Nature. Children's View" (Moscow, Russia to Aichi, Japan World's Fair).

1997-1998: "Fairy Tales of the Ocean" (Moscow, Russia to Lisbon, Portugal World's Fair).

1996: "Wings of the World", Peace and aid project, Creator and organizer (Moscow, Russia); "Children's Time (Don't let them shoot you in the face), Creator and organizer of Deborah Lynn Barr's (USA) personal exhibition (Moscow, Russia); Co-organizer of the Russian diaspora group art exhibition "The Fact of Biography" (Moscow, Russia).

1993-1994: Director of the Selena Art Gallery, Petrovsky Lines Cultural Center (Moscow, Russia).

1991: Creator and organizer of the Moscow artists' group exhibition "Tense Organization" (Saratov, Russia).

1989: Co-organizer of Peace Child, Soviet-American international children's creative exchange (Russia - USA).


Honored President, Union of Postcard Collectors of Russia; International Federation of Artists; Creative Union of Artists of Russia; Union of Moscow Architects; Union of Literary Workers of Russia; Academy of Fine Arts and Design of St. Petersburg, Russia; Board Member, Union of Collectors of Russia; National Academy of Philately, Russia; Union of Writers of the 21st Century, Russia.


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